IPO I, SG 95-93-97=285
IPO II, V 96-95-96=287
BSL I, SG 98-88=186 (tracking, obedience)

BSL II SG 99-90=189(tracking, obedience)
IPO III, SG 97-90-94=281 CERT
IPO III, SG 96-93-92=281 CERT
IPO III, SG 100-80-94=274 CERT
IPO III, SG 95-89-98=282 CERT

Breed: Malinois
Born: 10:th of Januari 2005
Handler/owner: Jenny

Treo is a very active, happy and friendly malinois male. He is a powerful dog with the weight of 40 kilos.

Treo have a big working ability, he have a lot of prey- and fight drive and the will to please his handler.

In the protectionwork Treo have a hard full grip and he have a very powerful attack.

















Bilden i mitten ovan tagen av Leif Nylund